Monday, April 6, 2009

random Monday

I know you all want to see more of Ellie and Matt's amazing wedding -- I promise it is coming soon!

For now, I have to give another shout out to my new friend, Hijiri, the letterpress creative genius! Remember about a month ago when I said we were revamping our boring cream colored bedroom? This custom print from Hijiri is everything I had envisioned for our room. I love it. Does anyone recognize the lyrics? This song is so us.

Gosh I love the perfect imperfections of letterpress!!!

Thanks again, Hijiri, for another amazing piece of art!!! I think we'll have you print things for our entire house!


  1. Two things: the couple above is absolutely gorgeous and you have an insane eye for decorating. Wow. I love your taste!!!

  2. OMG!! It looks so great on your bright yellow wall!!! The black just spices up the room – wow. I am so happy to see that it's been loved and beautifully decorated by such wonderful talented people!! xo

  3. I love this! Wow, Lindsay, it looks awesome! Can you please come decorate my house?

  4. Turned out so cute! And I agree with Sarah, please decorate my house! Or at least my cubicle =p

  5. I LOVE THAT SONG! Wow that looks so great with the yellow wall! This looks just like your wedding!