Monday, April 13, 2009

Ellie + Matt

Ellie and Matt have known each other since they were babies, and that is no exaggeration. Their parents are best friends, Ellie's best friend is Matt's sister, and Matt's best friend is Ellie's brother. They grew up together, they vacationed together, they spent the majority of their lives together. Their friendship turned into like and then the like eventually turned into love. These two families could not have been happier when, on December 31, 2008, Ellie and Matt became husband and wife.

I have never before blogged 50 images from a single wedding but I felt there were so many moments I had to share with you. That being said, I am, for the most part, going to let the photos speak for themselves.

She's gorgeous.

My view:

Ken's view:

Ellie's dad was going through chemotherapy just days before the wedding. There was a chance that we were going to have a small ceremony at the hospital prior to the wedding, but he made it through and was such a happy camper at the wedding. Look at that smile...

Ellie took one final look at herself before heading out to meet Matt.

Matt is waiting for his gorgeous bride.

First look:

Both their ceremony and reception were held at The Renaissance Hotel in Carmel, Indiana.

It was two degrees outside, but Ellie and Matt were troopers.

You just can't beat this light!

Yummy f/1.2.

One of my favorite ceremony moments EVER.

Ellie with her proud parents.

It looks like the party is starting! Hey, it's New Year's Eve, can you blame them?!

First dance:

This is quite possibly the sweetest first dance photo I have ever taken.

Midnight kiss!!! Happy New Year!!!

Ellie and Matt, Ken and I had a FABULOUS time with you and your families on New Year's Eve. Your wedding was absolutely amazing in every way. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!!!


  1. These photos are amazing...every single one of them! They make such a gorgeous couple.

  2. The pictures of the bride with her dad are breathtaking. They are certainly going to cherish those!

  3. The shot with the groom waiting in solitude is my favorite! Love the first look, too. What great moments you captured!

  4. All the shots are amazing but the dancing and party shots are my favorite. The happiness is almost unreal!!!

  5. These are so beautiful! What an awesome love story, too.