Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter at the family farm

Ken and I spent the day today with his side of the family at their farm. It was my first time visiting the farm and it was a lot of fun!

Knowing my affinity for old barns, Ken took me on a peaceful walk and showed me around the property. Gorgeous, huh?

What's a farm without an old truck? This one happens to be a "Fodge" -- a Ford body with a Dodge motor. There is something I really like about this photo and I think I'm going to have a print made for our house!

You certainly can't have a farm without daffodils...

...or wildflowers.

I made cupcakes and the kids helped me decorate them.

My friend Amber said it's a family tradition to blow up Peeps in the microwave every year at Easter. She said they get HUGE! I meant to save a Peep to try that but I forgot.

After we ate, a few of us went mushroom hunting in the woods! I only found one mushroom, but I found the biggest one! (That's mine all the way to the left.)

I hope you all have a great Easter!!!


  1. Oh wow, Lindsay, these are beautiful. I love the farm photos!

  2. The Fodge photo would make a super-fantastic fine art pic!!!!

  3. Those cupcakes are ADORABLE!

  4. YUM! I love morel mushrooms!

  5. looks like an awesome Easter you had!! you did make cupcakes, too!! :) your photos are all soooooo gorgeous!