Wednesday, January 14, 2009


"Lindsay is amazing! She has the personality and talent of a mega super-star. She was amazingly kind, considerate and fun. I'm so glad she was our photographer. It was the icing on the cake!" -Brad and Heather Girton

"Lindsay is an amazing talent and wonderful person to work with. She can collaborate with you and explore your ideas for shots, or she can take the lead entirely and give you amazing photos. Coming from a videography background, I was extremely picky about my photographer having the appropriate eye for detail and framing. Lindsay matched all that and more. She was organized, communicated quickly, and amazingly can make wedding shoots run super fast. The associates Lindsay chooses as partners are also brilliant photographers. For our wedding, I requested a certain iconic picture and Lindsay and her partners scouted the area and found the perfect location. She also brought a reference picture so we could get it just right, worked with us in the 90 degree heat to make it just right, and in post processing, took care to color correct and crop it so it was a near perfect match of the original photo! This is just one of hundreds of creative, candid, perfectly posed, or detail photographs that I cherish. In short, Lindsay will work with you and your crazy ideas, or your lack of crazy ideas, and bring you amazing photos you will love and display for years to come." -Kylee Wall

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PICTURES! Thanks again for everything! You are truly talented. Don't worry...this isn't goodbye! : ) We will see you again soon. Thanks so much for being a part of our big day! Thanks to you -- I will be able to remember it all. I will be recommending you to everyone!" -Gabbie

"Our wedding pictures are amazing! Everyone couldn't believe how many good ones there were to choose from. We're so glad we had you as our photographer!" -Jen and Justin

"Oh my god! Those pictures are so good!! Some of them look like they need to be in a magazine! My favorite one is all the ones of Andrea and Brad but I think I like the one where they are walking out of the church and those rose petals are being thrown at them!" -Jen (Andrea's Maid of Honor)

"I knew when I saw your site for the first time that you would be the PERFECT photographer for our wedding! You did not let us down." -Jen

"Oh Lindsay...she looks so cute. I can't believe she's mine! I love the photos. Thank you so much for giving me this preview. I'm trying not to cry. We have had Gia's picture taken at least 4 times now and no one has ever captured her the way you did. I was worried that they wouldn't come come out right because she was being kinda moody, but they are just gorgeous. I am your #1 photo fan. You are awesome!" -Robin (Gia's mom)

"I LOVE THEM...Oh my God what a tease!!!! :) I can't wait to see more. I love the shot of the mum in the vase. My fave is the leg shot. That turned out so GOOD!!! The shot of our bouquets is fabulous! You are awesome!!!! Exactly what I wanted! Thank you Lindsay!" -Kristee

"Our pictures are wonderful! I really love them! Victor and I were reminiscing last night over them!!! I want them all!! They are so beautiful! You are awesome!!!!!!!!" -Laura

"I LOVE the pictures!!!!! WOW!!! Seriously, you are quite the photographer Lindsay! I had so much fun and my friend Sara did too. You have a talent for making people feel comfortable when you take pictures of them and I think that helps make for such great shots!" -Christine

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!! We LOVE our photos! This is exactly what we wanted! You are so amazing! I cannot believe how awesome our photos are. I want to hang up every single one of them in our house!" -Megan

"Oh my gosh! I just got the pictures, they are so cute. I love every single one of them. I really can't thank you enough. They are precious. You did a really really good job. Thanks again so much!" -Amber (Ella's mom)

"Lindsay, I received my pictures today and they are gorgeous. I just wanted to let you know that I will never forget this experience. You made me feel so good about myself and I wanna say thank you." -Kizzy

"You are the absolute best. You really do have an eye for photos. I just love the shots." -Susie

"Hey Lindsay, thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with you, I had a blast the other day! The pictures look great! My boyfriend and I will definitely be calling you again!" -Rachel