Monday, March 22, 2010

Grammy's 70th!

My family hosted a surprise for my grandma, who turned 70 in February. It took lots and lots of planning, as we were all planning this Lake Saint Louis party from all over the United States. We worked with my grandpa to create a guest list consisting of her closest friends (fellow pontooneers and bunco players) and family members, and we ended up with over 85 people in attendance! And, it was the first time in probably 15 years that her children (my aunts and uncles) were under the same roof!

Everyone -- and I do mean everyone -- helped me with all the details. I thought I could handle it myself, but as the guest list grew and grew, and as the responses poured in, I was overwhelmed and had to recruit people to help me stamp, cut, punch, tie, and assemble all the festive elements. I owe a huge thank you to my dear husband, my sister Marla, Marla's best friend Morgan, and my cousin Maddie for helping me get everything done in time. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Since we had over 85 people in attendance, my grandpa thought it would be a good idea to have name tags. I didn't want to force people to wear those tacky "Hello My Name Is _____" stickers, so I designed something a little cuter. And, it created a fun visual element when the guests arrived at the front door!

When Grammy walked through the door, her face was priceless. I will never forget her reaction.

As she looked around the room, she saw people she had not seen in years. Her reaction to each person there was just precious.

My mom (who lives near Chicago) was adament about having Classic Cakes in Carmel do the cake. She has been in love with their cake ever since she tasted it at our wedding. We tried to avoid traveling with a cake, but after interviewing several bakers in the St. Louis area, we decided not to settle for anything less than the best. So, Classic Cakes it was. Yep -- Ken and I drove 5 hours with a 3 tier cake in the back of our SUV. But it was totally worth it and we would do it again. The cake arrived perfectly and it was the talk of the party.

I have said it before and I will say it again -- Classic Cakes is the place to go for cakes. Nothing else compares!

Everyone loved the favors!

The cake wasn't the only thing that went on a 5 hour car ride. The flowers made that journey, too. Kelli from McNamara sent me on my way with a huge bucket full of red gerbera daisies. We kept it simple, but the red gerbera daisies really made an impact in the vintage blue mason jars and milk glass vases.

All the tablescapes were different and all were handcrafted by us.

My mom and uncle made all the food from scratch. They were preparing food for 2 days straight! The stuffed mushrooms were my favorite.

This is one of my favorite photos from the night. I think my grandma and my mom are such beautiful women.

My Aunt Suzie hired a DJ who kept the party hopping all night long.

Mom, don't kill me for posting this!

This couple is in their 90s!

We had a photobooth too. I think the girls put my grandpa up to this!

In the wee hours of the morning, after all the guests had gone home, I managed to snap a quick photo of my grandma with all her children.

Happy 70th birthday, Grammy!!! We all love you very much!!!


  1. These pictures are amazing! I felt like I was right there with you guys. Everything was perfect - they say nothing is perfect - but everything looked so perfect. My favorite shot is the one of your mom kissing your grandma. Your mom's face and expression - you can tell she really loves her mom!!!!!!!! Fantastic job - I bet Grammy had a blast. :)

  2. She looks soooo happy! Well done, Lindsay!

  3. Lindsay these are so awesome! I love the pictures, we so wish we could have been there!!! :-) - KT Graves

  4. Hi Lindsay, it is "Mama Mac"
    Katie shared these pictures with me, and I am so happy that she did:) I love seeing pictures and hearing stories about Kyle's family. The pictures are incredible, but, the stories you shared in captions, of the party are priceless! You definitely have a gift. Please tell your "Grammy", that I send a belated Happy 70th Birthday, and that she truly is a beautiful lady :) I am happy I got to meet her at K & K's wedding celebration!

  5. Lindsay... these pics. are GREAT. Thanks for sharing. Lois ( Mary's across the street neighbor)