Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wyatt's Easter

We headed to Ken's family's farm in Southern Indiana for Easter and Wyatt had a blast! I love the old barn on the property and thought it would make for some fun photos. At 16 months old, Wyatt is curious about everything, loves to be outdoors, is starting to put together sentences ("more bite please," "clean up, clean up Daddy socks," "milk please"), and wants to do everything all by himself like a big boy. I do miss the tiny baby phase where he would just sleep in my arms all day, but this toddler stage is so much fun. Wyatt has not had a haircut yet (I can't bring myself to cut those locks!!!) so please ignore the mullet-ish looking 'do.

He was SO excited about finding Easter eggs and putting them into his bucket. Just look at that sweet little face!

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