Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl Village

I am so honored to live in Indianapolis and take part in the festivities of Super Bowl XLVI! It's been such a fun week -- the city has done an awesome job with Super Bowl Village.

Here is Wyatt waving hello from the NFL Experience on Wednesday night (which was a total blast, by the way).

Here he is with his map.

Ken said he was a Browns fan before the Mayflowers rolled into town.

It's not number 23 but I'll take it.

Wyatt is clearly unhappy that this is not Hester's jersey. (Look at that tiny head up funny.)

We went to the Wilson football factory to see how footballs are made. This was so cool.

Football from Super Bowl I!!!

Oh, just playing in Hester's locker.

He was obsessed with Hester's locker and would not turn around for a photo. (Pay no attention to my child's apparent mullet. We will get around to chopping his soft little locks one day.)

Vintage Bears stuff.

Loved the vibe downtown.


Cool Indy Cars in Super Bowl Village.

Huge Roman Numerals on Monument Circle -- so fun!

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