Friday, August 6, 2010

Abby + Scott

As soon as Ken and I met Abby and Scott on Purdue's campus, the sky turned black and it started to pour rain. I even think there was some hail involved! But, we didn't let the rotten weather ruin our evening. Instead, we took refuge in some unique locations on campus. Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

First up was an old fashioned soda shop. We could have shot in there all day!

Our next stop was a flooded parking garage. No joke -- it was like a geyser in there. Water was gushing everywhere! But, that didn't stop us either. I think I could have shot all day in the parking garage too!

The rain finally went away and we were left with some pretty lush greens.

I'm sure I looked graceful taking this next shot, all the way down on the ground with my big pregnant belly up in the air. I think it was worth it, though!

Abby and Scott, thanks for hanging in there and letting us find some fun places to shoot! Hopefully the weather is more cooperative for your wedding next summer!!!


  1. Gorgeous! Who would have thought that a parking garage would have been such a great place to shoot?! Love.

  2. This is a super cute engagement session. I adore the photos inside the ice cream parlour. So cute!