Saturday, December 5, 2009

Miranda + Ryan

Miranda and Ryan were such a joy to work with. They are passionate about New York, beer, the Buffalo Bills, animals, and each other. Their intimate ceremony at Eagle Creek was absolutely perfect. (Okay, it was perfect except for the gnats. More on that later.) Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

I met Miranda and the girls at her house for a few photos of them getting ready. These photos are always some of my favorites from the day.

Miranda's cat took up residence in my camera bag.

I loved the vintage look of Miranda's ring.

Miranda, you are gorgeous. It's not fair!

I love this shot of Miranda with her closest friends. You'd never know it from these photos, but we spent less than five minutes photographing everyone (and I do mean everyone). You'd also never know that there were millions of gnats swarming around everywhere. (And I am not exaggerating!)


I really enjoyed how their different little black dresses worked so seamlessly with the vintage vibe of the wedding.

Handsome groom!

This was my first wedding where the guys wore grey, and I have to say I am definitely a fan! More guys should go with grey. Love love love.

Miranda's bouquet was simple, but gorgeous. Love the vintage touches here too.

How fabulous is that grey?!

Here's Ryan, just a few minutes prior to the ceremony.

A single guitarist provided music for the ceremony. There is something about an acoustic guitar that gets me every time.

This is one of my favorite ceremony photos I have ever taken.

Another favorite.

This one too.

And this one.

In love with this one.

The next two need to be displayed in their home.

They had such a uniquely displayed cake that I had to post it here. It was delicious too!

Miranda and Ryan, you guys are awesome. It really has been wonderful getting to know you this year. Jake and I had a great time shooting your wedding, even though we were spitting out gnats for the next couple weeks.


  1. Love it!!!

    The blurred one of us in the background and the bouquet in the foreground we're using for thank yous! And a few of our favorites are also the one of him putting on my ring, the one of us walking out after the ceremony, and the two of us on the bridge. Love love love! Thanks so much, you have been fabulous to work with and get to know Lindsay! :)

  2. Oh these are beautiful, some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen.

  3. What a gorgeous wedding! That cat pic is too funny!

  4. What a gorgeous, fabulous wedding. I have been a blog stalker for quite some time but never commented until now. These photographs are absolutely amazing, especially the ones of the ceremony. Kudus, Lindsay, for a job well done.