Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Courtney + Ryan

Courtney and Ryan are two of the most genuine people I know. Both of them are wicked smart and Courtney makes the best cookies under the sun. Good thing she's such a great baker, because the word on the street is that Ryan loves cookies! (So does Ken. When Courtney baked cookies for Ken and me, I think Ken ate 95% of them...in one day.)

I'm changing things up a bit and starting out with my absolute favorite engagement photo I have ever taken. Yes, I just went there. It is my favorite and I am ordering a canvas of this photo for my new studio gallery. I love that MG!

Another favorite.

I love the simplicity of this image.

I adore the way Ryan is looking at her in this one.

Doesn't Courtney's red sweater pop?

After spending some time downtown, we headed back to their Broad Ripple house to finish the session. I think it is so great when couples interject their personal touches in their sessions!

Seriously...I want that car!

So so so sweet. I love everything about this photo.

As it was getting dark, we ended the session with this sweet moment.

Courtney and Ryan, I had a blast! Can't wait for the wedding in June!!!

P.S. Courtney, feel free to bake us some more cookies whenever you want. Maybe I should hide them from Ken this time...


  1. Can't wait to get the whole disc - these are better than I could have even imagined. Thanks for posting today ;) you rock!

  2. I gotta say I'm digging the car pics. Nicely done!

  3. These are fabulous! She is such a doll and he is such a cutie. My faves are your faves but I also love the cityscape. Beautiful!

  4. Love the car pictures!!!