Thursday, June 4, 2009

Heather + Clinton

You may remember Heather and Clinton from their amazing Purdue wedding last May. We shot these photos just one day shy of their one year wedding anniversary. Congratulations, Heather and Clinton, on one year of marriage and little Isabella, who will make her grand appearance before you know it.

I posted a few of these on Heather's Facebook page and when some of her friends asked where they were taken, she replied, "In Indy at some old field." Ken actually found this barn while driving one day and we thought it would be just perfect for this session. I'll start things off with one of my favorites.

Another favorite.

And another. She is gorgeous.

Can I have four favorites? When I'm pregnant, I want a photo of me just like this. You hear that, Ken, Jake, and/or Justin?

I love the colors.

Negative space is fun.

Hey, look, it's me!

A perfect day in "some old field" is just one reason why I love my job so much. Thank you, Heather and Clinton, for allowing me to document these moments in your life. I can't wait to meet little Isabella!


  1. These photos are beautiful and so is she. I can only hope I look that cute when I'm further along!

  2. Stunning. I love the old barn. You really know how to work a field!

  3. The one of her on the ground in the field by herself is AMAZING. Just perfection!

  4. Your photography is outstanding! Do you do any post processing of the photos or are they the raw images out of your camera?