Monday, March 30, 2009

I love our gallery wraps!

Sheesh, what is my problem?!?! It looks like I am down to blogging once a week! So...I'm going to take a little poll. Would you rather I attempt blogging every day again or would you rather me blog at a snail's pace? Of course, if you choose to have me blog every day again, there will be a sweet reward for you if I miss a day! Just leave a comment on this post and let me know if I should start a contest for the month of April.

Now, on to the subject line of this post. I absolutely LOVE our gallery wraps!!! Ken and I used Jake Gardner and Justin Axline's images (with permission, of course) and ordered canvases through my canvas vendor. We agonized for weeks over which images to choose and I am so glad we chose the ones we did! I love, love, love them!!!

These canvases are 16x16 squares. Since I'm a big advocate of giving photo credit where photo credit is due, Jake shot the two outer images and Justin shot the middle one.

I love the way these look on the wall!

I love the detail and texture of gallery wraps, but most of all, I love that when Ken and I lie in bed, we can see his Converse. It's perfect!

Every bride and groom should order canvases!!! They are real conversational pieces and everyone will oooh and aaah over them!


  1. You should definitely post every day! I miss that!!!

  2. Yes yes yes, please blog every day!

  3. Your canvases are gorgeous! Your eyelashes are gorgeous! Lindsay, you are freaking gorgeous! (And Ken isn't too bad either!) Oh you guys are the perfect couple!

    As far as blogging, it's your blog, so do what feels right to you! However, I must say that I do look forward to your posts and would love if you posted daily again!

  4. I'm loving the new black and white bedroom! Did you say there was yellow in there somewhere too? Can't wait to see it all. Those canvases look great! I vote for you to blog every day, pretty please.

  5. Those are fabulous!

    I vote for you to post every day. I love your posts!

  6. Love 'em! Definitely post every day.

  7. Woweee your bedroom is gorgeous. The canvases looks so good above the bed! I'm with the should blog every day. :-)

  8. You should blog every day...or every other day. I'd love to see some more weddings!